Wednesday 9 November 2016

Another grey heron

Herons are the easiest of birds to photograph as they're large and have a habit of standing still for long periods of time and often will let you get very close.

So, today I captured these photos of a grumpy looking juvenile grey heron at Musselburgh Boating Pond.

Meanwhile I was delighted to for the second week in a row have a wonderfully close up view of a surf scoter. This duck, though rare, is a regular visitor to Musselburgh at this time of year, but normally, the best view you can get is when a birdwatcher with a very powerful telescope offers you a view and the scoter is still just a black dot in the distance! This year however, the surf scoter is boldly coming quite close to the sea wall and today circled on the water to give me a full view of its plumage. Too far away for my camera unfortunately but well within range of my binoculars!

Meanwhile, for those of you who have seen the film You've Been Trumped Too (see my review here) here's a link to the article about how the people in that film reacted to the news of Donald Trump being elected as president of the USA. I don't think his election is at all good news for the environment.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

He's wound his neck in!

I still haven't got a shot of a good one...they never let me get that close, and always fly off at the sight of a camera.

Gingi said...

I love taking photos of these birds.. I have so many shots from so many different travels and locations.. they are just so stately! <3 -

RG said...

Total shock here. Still trying to get a straight head and be ready to move forward.

The US does a good job of allowing our President - despite any hard feelings and misgivings - to do the job with what ever support we can muster - and we will I suspect.

But there are many things Mr. Trump said only he could fix that will be kept well in the spotlight and hopefully all will work out in the long run.

One can deny our environmental problems - but they are still there and will get worse unless addressed. I think those will become somewhat of a thorn for Mr. Trump as he is pretty regularly reminded of them.

Lowcarb team member said...

These are good shots ... I don't think he looks too grumpy!

All the best Jan