Monday, 19 October 2015

New in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop

I've been making a few things recently!

Inspired by the film Suffragette, I made these two beaded lanyards, so you can wear the feminist colours to work! The beads all come from old necklaces that needed to be restrung, so i refashioned them all! These are both in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop:

This lanyard is here,

and this one is here.

I think I have enough beads to make another lanyard with all three colours in it.

Explanation of the feminist colours: Mrs Pankhurst, leader of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), adopted three colours for the Suffragette movement: White for purity in public and private life, Purple for dignity, self-reverence and self-respect and Green for hope and new life.

I also recently added these Christmas tree decorations, upcycled from earrings:

You can find them in my shop here.

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sage said...

I like the term "upcycled". Beautiful Christmas ornaments