Monday, 19 February 2007

Spicy Fibs!

The challenge on One Deep Breath this week is to write fibs about spices. Here are my three:

herbs and yes, spices
for a clear conscience as you cook
on your
to add as you cook.
The freshest spice you'll ever find.
pepper gives
fire and extra bite.
Watch all your senses set alight!


Star said...

You went to work quickly with the prompt this week. I'm looking forward to coming up with some spicy fibs of my own. Well done!

Brian said...

Great fibs Crafty. I like the third one. :)

I had never heard of this form of poetry before, I'll be posting mine tomorrow.

Sandy said...

I wrote about peppers, too! That is about as spicy as you can get. The window sill fib is my favorite.

Remiman said...

Those are so cute, I love them!

AnnieElf said...

Wow! Conscience, encouragement, and excitement, all rolled into one.

bgfay said...

Thank you for coming over to my site. You seem to have been doing this for a while. I like how you stayed on topic. Mine went way off the mark, but then again I've never been all that good at sticking to the rules.

Thank you for checking mine out and giving me another good reason to come visit your blog.

Jone said...

I like the windowsill onoe. If only I had a enough sunlight to grow in the house.
BTW, I caught the little spotted towhee and added him to last week's post.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Love the eco-conscious take!

paris parfait said...

These are yummy - and with a good "green" message added to the mix!

Jodi said...

Great, spicy fibs! I've always thought about growing herbs, but I don't actually cook enough!

Tammy said...

These were all fun fibs and I loved "senses set alight"

whitney said...

Great spicy fibs! The second one is my favorite.

megan said...

nice addition on fair trade & you're right about the herbs on the window sill...makes an appealing word image

Liza Lee Miller said...

Love them. Great balance -- fibs are so much fun, aren't they?