Sunday 14 May 2023

A few green places in Edinburgh

 I've been out and about a lot over the past few days and haven't had the chance to update this blog with everything!

I lead a guided walk on Thursday, walking round North Merchiston Cemetery then across to the canal and following the canal to the Re-union Canal boat where we all had a nice cup of tea and a chat! I arrived early in the cemetery and took some photos. 

This magnificent lime tree is a distinctive feature of the cemetery

A bird has removed the eggshells from the nest after the chick hatched, to prevent predators finding the nest.
There seems to be more Cuckoo Flower (Ladies Smock) in the cemetery than in previous years. 

There is a good path around the cemetery, ideal for leading walking groups along!

The Whitebeams are about to flower

and the Wych Elms are already in fruit

Later that day I spent some time in Crafty Green Boyfriend's mother's garden


Crafty Green Boyfriend is very keen on the idea of No Mow May and is hoping that his brother will continue to be too busy to remember to mow the grass! 

There seem to be more Wild Strawberries in bloom than ever

Atticus the neighbour's cat spent time in the garden with me

Today I went to an event about Flax growing, part of Our Linen Stories which is a project of Journeys in Design. Journeys in Design explores design, well-being and sustainable futures. The event took place in Jack Tamson's Gairden, a community garden on the shores of Duddingston Loch 

close to Arthur's Seat. 

While in the area, I popped into Duddingston Kirkyard (where I did a wildlife survey last year as part of my work surveying the cemeteries and kirkyards of the city). It's a lovely historical kirkyard 


with a wonderful view onto Duddingston Loch

Yesterday we had a lovely walk round the Mortonhall Estate, but that deserves a blogpost of its own! So check in again tomorrow to read that! 


jozien said...

It looks like you had some lovely sunny days. I will look into your flax project, for now the freestores around here have enough clothes/material for me, but I will be happy to learn a more sustainable way to make material.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Jozien, yes we've had plenty of sunshine recently! I buy all my clothes from second hand shops, but like you I'd be happy to find a way of making sustainable clothing