Sunday 16 October 2022

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

 We had a sunny walk yesterday round Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens. There was plenty of birdlife at the pond. We were very pleased to see this family of Moorhens (this species often has more than one brood in a year, so it isn't unusual to see youngsters around so late in the season). The family emerged from the vegetation around the pond, which is to the left.

The juveniles in this family are almost fully grown but still have the dull plumage of young birds

Whereas the adults are much more brightly coloured, especially when the sun comes out!

Looking onto the pond we saw a juvenile Grey Heron, trying to hide in the vegetation

I also saw a Kingfisher fly rapidly across the pond, but it was too quick to capture on film. 

We admired the lovely reflections in the small pond near the café in the centre of the Botanics. 

On the way home, we stopped to talk to 'Dusty', who looks after our local free library. At busy times, he has a queueing system in place, so we didn't have much time to chat as people were waiting behind us! . 


eileeninmd said...

I always enjoy seeing the moorhens. Cute kitty! Take care, have a great day and happy new week!

Jeff said...

Are these gardens located north of the castle? I've been to the botanic gardens in Glasgow, but I don't remember a botanic garden in Edinburgh (but I remember a garden).

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Eileen, thanks for your comment, have a great week yourself too.

Hi Jeff, no, the gardens just to the north of the castle are Princes Street Gardens, To get to the Botanics, you'd need to get a bus from there and travel basically north then west for a while.