Monday 10 January 2022

Tree Following - Last Update on my siver birch and a new tree for 2022

For Tree Following last year, I chose one of the several wonderful old silver birch trees in North Merchiston Cemetery in Edinburgh. Crafty Green Boyfriend and I started walking round this cemetery (and the nearby Dalry Cemetery) every day for our #DailyExercise during the first UK lockdown last year. And we're still doing the same walk regularly, though not quite as often.In fact during late November and early December, I hadn't taken many photos of my silver birch at all, so my last Tree Following update included photos of other silver birch trees in another cemetery! However, in the middle of December I took a good few photos of my tree so we can have a look at it in the middle of winter. 

It's lovely to look up into the bare branches and see the blue winter sky

There are still some leaves on the tree (though not many) 

 Next year's catkins are already forming on the twigs 

while the puff ball fungi growing around the roots of the tree have given up most of their spores 

and a spider has built a beautiful web in the lower branches 

I've enjoyed following this silver birch over the last year, it's a beautiful tree, one of several beautiful birches in this cemetery. 

For 2022, I'm staying in North Merchiston Cemetery and have chosen a magnificent cherry tree to follow. 

It is covered with ivy at the base, which is great habitat for many invertebrates.

and the first buds are appearing 

I look forward to following this tree over the next year!


Flighty said...

The cherry tree looks to be a good choice to follow so look forward to your posts all about it. xx

Hollis said...

That's nice that you will stay with the cemetery. I always enjoy the "tours" there—so much to see, lots of growing things :)

Hollis said...

Hello Juliet! I don't know why you can't comment on my blog posts. I occasionally have the same problem myself on other Blogger blogs. It's really frustrating. And I so enjoy getting comments! Thanks for making the effort to let me know. If I ever figure out what to do, I will let you know (and several others who have had the same problem).