Friday 22 May 2020

Birds nests!

It's been a day for seeing birds at their nests! We've seen two blue tits nests, one in the eaves of a roof in a house near one of the cemeteries we visit on our #DailyExercise walk, another in the wall of a block of flats near the park which we also walk through for #DailyExercise.

We noticed this hole a few weeks ago

It's in an old whitebeam that seems half dead but is regenerating nicely with all that new growth sprouting from the bottom!

Over the past few visits, we've noticed the sound of cheeping birds from the hole, if you listen carefully to the video below you may also hear them (though there's a strong breeze blowing which may drown out the cheeping)

We think it's a great spotted woodpecker nest, as we have seen the adults flying round in this particular part of the cemetery, though we haven't as yet seen them visiting this tree.....

Edited to add: the next day we saw a great spotted woodpecker fly out of this hole! This probably proves that the woodpecker is nesting in there, though as woodpeckers are known to raid other species' nests and eat the chicks, it's not final proof. 


RG said...

Chickadees feeding a nestbox full right out my window!!!

Magyar said...

Natural recovery, nicely seen, Juliet. _m