Sunday 10 May 2020

Artistic insects!

We were fascinated to find these patterns in the leaves of an elm tree in one of the cemeteries on our #DailyExercise walk today.

It seems that insects have been nibbling their way through the leaves, leaving these lovely patterns. I have no idea what species of insect is  responsible, but if you think you know, leave a comment below! 


Jeff said...

Good eye and a crafty insect!

Nana Su in NM said...

Those are some attractive patterns. I will make a guess that the holes are chewed when the leaves are rolled up tight, before they unfurl.And perhaps a caterpillar on it's way out after hatching in there?

Bill said...

"The poetry of earth is ceasing never"

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Jeff, thanks, a crafty insect indeed!

Nana Su, I definitely agree it's likely to have been done while the leaves are rolled up. Possibly a caterpillar, someone has also suggested a particular type of weevil.

Bill - lovely words, thanks.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like that insect carefully measured and marked a pattern before he chewed ... fascinating. I’ll read the comments to see if anyone knew what it was. You have a great eye!

Magyar said...

__ Precision trails, magnetic navigation of the insects' courses; remarkable Juliet, "The Crafty Green Poet"! _m

stitch by stitch
patterns woven to each leaf
natures knit

Lowcarb team member said...

There are some great patterns aren't there!

All the best Jan