Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Lovely art exhibition inspired by birch trees at the Birch tree Gallery

The Birch Tree Gallery is a lovely little art gallery on Dundas Street, which is Edinburgh's 'street of little art galleries'. The current exhibition (showing until 4 April 2020) features art and crafts inspired by birch trees. Beautiful paintings, embroideries, baskets and ceramics fill the small space without cluttering it. 

The gallery is dominated by this large, depiction of birches by Kenris Macleod that features on the poster for the show. Kenris created this piece using free motions machine embroidery - she uses the sewing machine needle to draw and paint with thread.

Birch Tree Gallery - ad Birches (anniversary) 

Take time to look round though and you see a wonderful selection of work, including other works by Kenris Macleod but also collages, vases, baskets of various types. All are inspired by birch trees or the wildlife found in birch woodlands and include depictions of birches in all seasons. 

This exhibion has been curated to celebrate the gallery's third anniversary and features artists who have already exhibited with the gallery, or who will appear in the future shows. 

The owner, Jurgita is very happy to talk about the artworks and is keeping the gallery open for as long as possible, despite the Corona virus. She wants people to feel that they have a nice peaceful space to go and enjoy art. The gallery is rarely busy and there is no need to touch anything other than the door handle which is sanitised regularly. 

You can see the works that are for sale in this exhibition here

The next exhibition Printscapes is scheduled to open on 8 April, though will open without a launch event to avoid risks associated with the corona virus. 

You can like the Birch Tree Gallery on Facebook to keep up to date with exhibitions and events.


RG said...

Where I live 60 miles north of Seattle, places like that are no longer open. All volunteer and social events cancelled for foreseeable future. Schools and places all closed. People not to have contact with others - maintain 6' of "social distance."

Pretty much only emergency visits and grocery shopping as needed.

We doing fine - have adequate supplies and can go shopping as needed. No visiting. Not sure how long.

More than 1,000 cases confirmed in our state (Washington) which is about 10% of all in USA for now.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Rabbits Guy, I think it's only a matter of time before its like that here. All our cinemas have shut, pubs and restaurants will be next. I'm guessing we'll get to the stage of not being allowed out except for grocery shopping, hospital appointments and walks in greenspaces.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi again Rabbits Guy, glad you're doing fine, hope that continues. That's a lot of cases in Washington state