Wednesday 21 August 2019

Nan Shepherd : From Flaneur to Fiver

Nan Shepherd (1893-1981), was part of the 20th century Scottish Literary Renaissance, overlooked in her lifetime but who now features on the Scottish Five Pound note. She was a mountaineer and poet and I've come across several quotes from her work in recent months so was instantly interested when I saw the poster outside the Scottish Poetry Library advertising this event. 

Nan Shepherd : From Flaneur to Fiver is a sideways look at Nan's life and work presented by
Erlend Clouston, who shares Nan's literary executorship with his sister Deirdre and brothers John and Magnus. Nan's life is briefly presented in the context of the history of the times she lived through and with reference to some of her interests, particularly Eastern spirituality. While Erlend give the lecture, he is occasionally interrupted by actors planted in the audience who offer commentary from historical personages. There is also music, ranging from folk tunes to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit.  I'm not sure what the latter really has to do with Nan Shepherd but it's a very atmospheric song and gave Erlend an excuse to don a white rabbit mask. 

It's an entertaining show, not an academic lecture (which is what the person next to me was apparently expecting). 

Nan Shepherd: From Flaneur to Fiver is showing at the Scottish Poetry Library tonight and tomorrow. It's selling out fast, so if you're thinking of going, it's a good idea to get your ticket in advance. Tickets can be bought here.

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