Monday 1 July 2019

Urban Gulls

This is the view across from our living room window - a nest of lesser black backed gulls, currently with two youngsters. They love walking round the chimney stack and occasionally stretch and flap their wings. The vegetation at the front is annoying for us as it stops us getting a consistently good view of what's going on but it's great for the birds as it offers really good shade to stop them overheating.

Photos by Crafty Green Boyfriend.

Urban black headed gulls have a bad reputation, that is undeserved. Here's a really good article on why we should love our urban gulls

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Magyar said...

Good to visit this nifty thought, Julian.
__ Kathy and I enjoy watching the Gulls as they circle above, then swirl down to graze on that trash left behind; often that left is of no harm to them... but they are decisive to what they choose and that helps us all. Most gulls here, in New England, are Herring Gulls, however some Lesser-Black gulls have made us aware of their presence... on the beaches and in the cities. _m

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