Monday 18 September 2017

Hiding Snails and Oak Galls

It was a bank holiday here today so Crafty Green Boyfriend joined me for my walk along the Water of Leith in Colinton andCraiglockart Dells. It wasa lovely autumnal morning, with the leaves starting to turn

 We were fascinated by the oak trees, some of which had oak apples (a type of gall caused by a parasite)

and some had this different type of gall

and this tree also had leaf scale insects on the underside of the leaves, it looks like quite a bad infestation

Meanwhile, we noticed lots of snails hiding away, in bindweed flowers 

and under raspberry leaves

and there were quite a few hoverflies around, including this footballer hoverfly (also known as a sun fly)


Jenn Jilks said...

I love these! I found several galls, with bugs gone, to show the grandies. I keep forgetting to show them! This was months ago. I should have just taken a photo!
Also, a snail post. I planned one a long time ago, but never see many! sigh. Thanks for sharing yours!

Lynn said...

So lovely that you take the time to look closely at nature like that.

Lowcarb team member said...

Really enjoyed seeing all your photographs here.
I love Autumnal mornings ...

All the best Jan

betty-NZ said...

Great post and photos. I really like to see what hides in the forest!