Friday 27 January 2017

First honey bee of the year!

I joined Crafty Green Boyfriend on his lunchtime walk round Corstorphine Hill today. It was chilly but very sunny today. There's always so much to see up there! We were delighted to see the first honey bees of the year feasting on the gorse, which is in flower most of the year so offers a lovely snack for the early bee

This route round the hill gives you great views of the kudu in the zoo

The kudu share their enclosure with the zebras and we enjoyed watching one of the zebras as it watched a beautiful wild red fox as it rushed round the enclosure at top speed! It was glowing in the sun and was a delight to watch (though moving far too quickly to capture on camera!).

As is often the case, the bunnies were happily grazing the grass outside the hotel on the main Corstorphine Road


Sandy said...

You must be a lot closer to spring than we are. For now, I will enjoy reading what is going on around your area.

Lowcarb team member said...

Looks a most wonderful day

All the best Jan