Saturday 10 September 2016

Catching Dreams

I always like to try a new craft and recently I bought two dream-catcher kits which I found in a second hand shop. I haven't yet used the kits as they are both for large dream-catchers and I thought I would try some small dream-catchers first. As I like to re-use materials for crafting, I've gathered together a lot of bangles that have come in the bags of broken / unsaleable jewellery that I like to buy from 2nd hand shops. I also decided that to start with, I'd make dream-catchers using ready-made centres, rather than doing all the weaving myself, so I cut segments from this fabric which was much the worse for wear.
 The almost circular segments are the perfect size for using in bangle sized dreamcatchers. Here's the first one I made

which is now hanging in our bedroom, ready to catch all those bad dreams that hang around (though actually I rarely have bad dreams). As well as the bangle and the fabric, I used ribbons, thick wool and twine along with beads.

I've also made this series of three shiny, purple and pink dreamcatchers

None of them are perfect, I'm still very new at this and I can't actually yet guarantee they filter out all the bad dreams, but they are pretty! Sometime soon I'll do a giveaway for these three dream-catchers and perhaps the next few I make so keep an eye out on my forthcoming blog posts! 


eileeninmd said...

They are pretty, well done! Happy weekend!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

A dreamcatcher in my room would have to be the size of a trampoline

Sandy said...

I think you did a great job. That was a crafty idea for the center!

Gingi said...

So cute!! What a fun idea!! -

Bill said...

dawn light
through the dreamcatcher
where the time goes