Monday 10 March 2014

A Life of Ospreys by Roy Dennis

Many of you in the UK will be familiar with Roy Dennis from his appearances on Springwatch and Autumnwatch as he follows ospreys on their migrations from the UK to Senegal. Well, here is the book!

A Life of Ospreys is a comprehensive study of the osprey in the UK, it's breeding biology, it's migration habits and the amazing story of its recovery as a breeding bird in this country after been pushed to extinction. The book is full of information about ecology, biology and conservation science, but is written in an accessible style throughout.

Roy Dennis has been intimately involved in many of the projects to help reintroduce the osprey and to help it to breeding success. The book outlines many projects including building artificial nests, monitoring breeding success, combating egg thieves and developing public interest in nesting ospreys.

The book is packed full of fascinating insights into this magificent bird and the work that has been done to preserve it, along with lots of colour photos, diagrams, sketches and graphs. An ideal book for anyone interested in birds and conservation! 

Thanks to Birding 247 for this book, which I won in a competition on Twitter.

A Life of Ospreys by Roy Dennis, published by Whittles Publishing

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Unknown said...

Nice win. Sounds like an amazing book.

RG said...

We have many Ospreys here too - a magnificent bird and a real rascal sometimes too! Builds nests in some bad spots!

Sounds like THE book on them.