Tuesday 6 August 2013

Quiet Forest 2

Crafty Green Boyfriend and I enjoyed a tasty supper at Forest Cafe this evening, while enjoying Quiet Forest, the one day exhibition of varied and creative poetry installations and activities. Here are photos from the evening.
Rita Bradd shared three installations - haiku hidden in bamboo pipes, poems written on tea sachets arranged in a tea pot and mini artist books inspired by a trip to Shetland.

The next photo shows three poets' work:

Steven Fraser's book Bad Teenage Poetry takes a comic book approach to poetry.

Katherine MacMahon's book Recipe for a Universe combines poetry, recipes, photos and physics. 

Alexander 'Twig' Champion wrote poetry on fallen branches and other found natural items and planted them in the plant pots round the cafe.

Stephanie Arskosa's audio piece 'When I was Wee...' asked the audience to respons creatively to the statement 'when i was wee I believed.....' (see photo below)

A J Sutherland had taken photos and written poems inspired by the Anthony Gormley statues along the Water of Leith

Marc Malone's Exercisations are fitness inspired artworks paired with poems

You can see my poetic contribution to the event in my previous blog post here.

Quiet Forest is a one day event - the Forest Cafe is open until 10pm tonight, so if you're in Edinburgh, why not pop along and have a look. The cafe serves good veggie food too (we had burritos followed by carrot cake).


Kat Mortensen said...

Bad Teenage Poetry sounds intriguing.

I love carrot cake, and have a rather tasty recipe on my "Dig in, Flynn" blog.

Ms Sparrow said...

It sounds like you're off to a good start!

RG said...

What an idea - I have never heard of such a thing around here.

Cap'n Rupert's Carrot Cake instructions are on our blog!!!

Carrot Cake for the World Day!

Little Miss Titch said...

ooh carrot cake!Yummy!xx