Thursday 24 January 2013

What next for our forests?

I blogged in November about The Independent Panel on Forestry which released a final report last July. The 'Forests Report' was welcomed across the sector. It makes 31 recommendations that offer a feasible and considered framework for action along with real promise for a safe and strong future for England's forests. 

Now, it's down to how the UK Government responds. In the next few days, Owen Paterson MP, the Secretary of State is expected to give the Government's official response. Woodland campaigners are apprehensive about what this might contain, you can read about why this is on the Woodland Trust blog

What the Government says - and does - about the Independent Panel's final report really matters for England's forests, woods and trees. The Government needs to take seriously the work of the Panel and the needs of our woodlands. 

And after almost 2 years of debate and discussion it's now high time for practical action. We urgently need to protect our woodlands and to ensure tree health. We certainly need decisive action on the latter if we are to prevent future disease outbreaks such as the devastating ash die-back that is still spreading across the UK. 

If you want to find out more about woodlands in the UK, visit the Woodland Trust website. Here you can find out about your nearest woods, share your photos of woodland places or get involved in campaigns to save our woods.

My haiku on Daily Haiku today has a woodland theme, you can read it here. Yesterday's haiku is here.


eileeninmd said...

Lets hope the government makes the right decisions..It is sad about the Ash trees dying. :(

Ms Sparrow said...

Your haiku for today really resonates with me.

Caroline Gill said...

I love the black-and-white theme of today's Haiku! Thank you for much helpful information on the state of our woodlands - the ash is one of my favourite trees, and has been since I was five!