Friday, 4 January 2008

Another Walk and Some Thoughts about Photography

We went on another long walk today, along icy streets (the one thing that really could stop me going for a walk!) to the Hermitage of Braid and through to Blackford Pond (link includes bird list!). Everywhere was beautiful in the snow and there were birds everywhere, blackbirds and robins, lots of different types of tits and a large flock of chaffinches. At one point we saw a flock of what could have been waxwings but they were a long way away, I recognised the way they flew from the last time I saw them (which is several years as they're only here once every few years, so this may be a case of mistaken identity!). No photos from our walk, the slippery paths made me reluctant to carry something so breakable. There are also several other reasons why I often don't take photos, especially not wildlife photos:

1) Our camera is not sophisticated to guarentee good nature photos
2) We often forget to take the camera (!)
3) Given the choice between fiddling with focus and light meters or just watching, I'd choose just watching any day. That's why although you may see landscape photos here, you won't see bird photos.

To see really some good nature photography visit:
Mark at Green Fingered Photographer
Sandy at Gardenpath
Abe at My Birds Blog


jem said...

You made a very valid point about the downside of taking photos. I think sometimes that photos drain the full colour out of our memories. They encourage us to be lazy with our senses, and stop us capturing the moment in other more interactive ways.

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh I must have spent an hour on that bird site. What an excellent place to visit. I loved hearing all the different sounds as well as reading the info. Most of your birds are much brighter and more colorful than ours. Even your robin is way different- at least here in British Columbia.Thanks as always for a great post Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely description of another fine walk. As for photography, in order to take a decent photo even of a bird which seems quite near, you need an SLR with an absolutely massive lens, so walking for pleasure and taking wildlife photographs would have to be mutually exclusive pursuits.

For general landscape photography on walks, though, I find a decent compact automatic camera like a Canon IXUS does the job nicely and unobtrusively. You might have seen the photos from my recent frosty Blackford/Braid walk along with my bunny pictures, but here’s a link anyhow: Golebnik on Flickr

And I keep looking out for redwings (seen just two) and fieldfares (seen none) … all I ever seem to see on Blackford and Braid Hills are carrion crows, magpies and jackdaws …

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you Juliet! I enjoy being outdoors with my camera, and feel lucky if I capture a few decent shots, now and then.

I am off to check out the other links you listed!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I've enjoyed looking through your blog. I found my way here looking for poems to go with potpourri bags.

I enjoy taking photos of wildlife and my gardens.

Deb said...

Great post and links. I share your reasons not to take pictures, but keep thinking I need to get a nicer camera and start doing it. But just observing is the ultimate experience.

this is my patch said...

Your walk sounds like a treat, great to see so many birds. Taking photos of birds is tricky, that's why I haven't any of my own on my blog. To be honest, by the time you have zoomed in, the bird has flown, and you have wasted time looking into the camera, instead of looking at the bird! I shall be investigating these links, thanks. x

Crafty Green Poet said...

jem - you put it well there, I totally agree!

Janice - its a great site isn't it! I think the UK is really lucky having so many beautiful birds!

golebnik - I think you're right about the wildlife photography vs enjoyable walk being mutually exclusive. Our digital camera takes reasonable landscapes. I'll check out your photos from your walk, I concentrated on your lovely bunny pics last time I visited!

Sandy - you're welcome, I think your photos are excellent!

Deb - i agree - observing is a wonderful experience!

this is my patch - you're right there, I'd certainly rather get a good look at a bird than try to take a photo and end up with nothing!

Christy Woolum said...

Thanks for the new photo sites! I am always looking for inspiration. Happy New Year!

Rethabile said...

Nice post, Juliet. I don't take photos of anything, because all the photos I take are really bad.

Anonymous said...

Here's a funny true thing. I was just sitting on the front steps and the crows were going off something terrible in the tree out front. I went and had a look and they had a possum bailed up. The poor thing was stuck out on a branch and the two crows were working together to harrass it into falling and wouldnt let it go back to the safety of the trunk. Very smart bird the crow. Yours are much prettier and well behaved though.

Anonymous said...

Gee those waxwings are pretty but the blackbird link doesn't seem to be working. Just thought I'ld let you know. Rage on, crafty green one,

abby - the geek girl said...

Oh I love bird watching... or spotting... whatever. Lol. I always try to take pictures of animals and my lens is too slow... so I end up with them running away or just disappearing before I can get a shot off :(

Crafty Green Poet said...

Gingatao - oh we have crows here too, I saw 20 of them this morning, though they were behaving... Thanks for letting me know about the link... waxwings are wonderful, you're right

abzdragon - birdwatching, birdspotting, birding or even twitching (maybe thats a British thing?)

Rethabile - thanks, sorry you're photos are bad

Inland Empire Girl - gladyou like the links - happy new year to you too!