Monday, 6 November 2006


A perfect November day. Clear blue sky and sunshine but with a bracing wind. An ideal day for a walk around Arthur's Seat.

extinct volcano
towers above the city -
ancient seat of kings.

We walk through trees, yews covered in berries, silver birch with their stark white and black trunks and beeches.

autumn sunshine
through the changing beech leaves -
copper glow.

Then onward, up the hill, the wind blowing through our hair. From the main path we have stunning views across Duddingston Loch to the Firth of Forth. While on our other side cliffs rise steeply.

Crows chase kestrel
wheeling above the hillside -
bright blue sky.


paris parfait said...

Beautiful haibun examples! Sound like a wonderful day for a walk in a gorgeous setting.

jzr said...

Lovely writing!

Helen said...

This is just beautiful. You have such a gift. :)

Jone said...

You paint a picture of an ideal day. Loved the middle haibun especially. The rain is pounding us in the PNW.

Catherine said...

That sounds like a wonderful walk. I met visitors from Edinburgh at the weekend, and the weather here was beautiful, but sadly it has turned nasty - I hope it doesn't spoil their honeymoon.

my backyard said...

I especially like the first of your haibun. very evocative.

cloudscome said...

This is so beautiful! I feel I can see it although i have never been there.

-llm. said...

Lovely -- I particularly like the imagery of the Crows and the Kestrel.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Mmmm...I loved taking that walk with you - what wonderful imagery & colour. I could feel it as I read along.