Friday 17 May 2024

My Latest charity shop find

 I love browsing in charity shops and like to buy clothes and books second hand (though I buy underwear new and will buy new books from small, independent publishers and small independent bookshops). I saw this plate in the second hand shop round the corner and couldn't resist, it only cost 50p anyway. 

Talking of rabbits, I shared some photos of rabbits on Edinburgh's Castle Rock last week. Well, when I went past that area again this week, there were six baby bunnies, that had obviously only just emerged from the warren. They were leaping around excitedly, though they were careful not to stray too far from the rabbit hole! Their parents were eating just nearby.


martine said...

That's delightful. I popped to my local emporium the other day to donate back a couple of jigsaws, and came away with a little blue teapot, two books, a Dvd and another jigsaw ... all for £4.75. Treasure hunting in charity shops is one of my favourite pastimes.

Ellen D. said...

That plate is lovely, I wouldn't be able to pass it up either. Good find!

Lowcarb team member said...

That is a good find :)

All the best Jan

Sal said...

What a lovely find! Lucky you!