Wednesday 30 January 2019

Home Town

It seems smaller
now I am taller
(as are the trees).

But really it is bigger -
fields have grown houses
and the one remaining horse
feeds by a pond
beside a motorway.

Suburbs stretch to the sea.

Previously published on Verse Wrights  

My poem Return, which was first published in Envoi magazine and first appeared on the Shaeshifting Green blog in 2007 is now at the top of that blog again, you can read it here


Gwil W said...

Mozart is buried at the confluence of two autobahns. The drone and drumming of constant traffic assaults his dead ears. Your poem hits the nail on the head.

Magyar said...

Understood, and well posed Juliet.
__ Those "fields have grown houses". Yes, so much of historic life has been overgrown by progress, that this question now floats on my pond-top. Is progress, progress? _m