Saturday 25 August 2018

Mist on Kinnoull Hill

Earlier this week we spent a few days in Perth, one of our favourite places for a short break away. One of the main reasons for visiting Perth is to climb Kinnoull Hill. This week the whole hill was shrouded in a wonderfully atmospheric mist

The usually spectacular view from the summit had disappeared

the ruins looked particularly spooky

though eventually the mist started to lift, revealing the River Tay in the distance

The hill is scattered with wood carvings

fungi are dotted around too

and there are spiders' webs everywhere

A lovely walk!


Bob Bushell said...

A misty day, so beautiful. And the sculptures, wonderful.

RG said...

Spooky! The Tay is one of those rivers that Rolls Royce named engines after!!!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the misty photos are pretty. Love the wood carvings. Nice walk!
Enjoy your day and new week ahead.