Tuesday 5 December 2017

Weather Forecasting

When her divorce came through
she spent hours browsing old photos
as if they could tell her secrets.

She stares at one of her and her brothers
playing in the snowy garden
when they were very young.

She and her husband used to laugh at this photo,
at her strange flowery anorak and how
there would never be winters like that again.

Two heavy winters later
she realises we can never know
the future ice and snow.

Previously published on Verse Wrights

Yesterday, over on my Shapeshifting Green blog, I posted another poem 'Influential Poets' that had originally been published on VerseWrights. You can read it here.


sage said...

There is always a loss... nice but painful words.

shoreacres said...

Such a light touch for such a heavy subject. I very much liked this poem; it deserved some re-readings.