Friday 17 November 2017

Witches Brooms

A little late for Hallowe'en I know, but I was impressed by the witches' brooms growing in this birch tree in Silverknowes. Now the leaves have mostly fallen the brooms are more noticeable than they usually are.

The witches broom is a growth caused by pests  or disease, for example wasps, viruses or fungi. Although they occur in a number of different species of tree, in this country at least they are most obvious in birch trees.


Lowcarb team member said...

Well, I'd not heard about these witches brooms until I read your post!
Great pictures.

All the best Jan

Janneke said...

Witches brooms in the trees always a bit of a weird sight. We see them here too sometimes.

RG said...

They look like heron nests!

Magyar said...

__ Nifty Juliet... always, something learned, Thank you. _m
Windy sky; as witches brooms sweep the clouds; shadows view.