Friday 17 February 2017

Assembing Vintage Beads into Bracelets

I made a whole lot of assemblage bracelets recently. I was inspired to do so when a necklace fell apart! Although I liked the beads in the necklace, it wasn't a great length for me so I though rather than repair it I'd use it to make a beaded lanyard (which will be on sale soon in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop). I then realised I could use the extra beads to make bracelets and I searched among all my stash of broken jewellery for beads with the same wire setting to them. I ended up making seven bracelets, all of which will end up in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop! These two are already there:

which is in the shop here.

and this one

which is in the shop here.

These have been great fun to make and I'm hoping to make more in the future! 

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A Cuban In London said...

These are so cleverly done. I look at your stuff and think that you would do very well in a place like Brick Lane in London. I know it's quite trendy these days and choc-a with craftspeople but your artwork is unique. You would stand out for sure. Now, about the journey... :-)

Greetings from London.