Saturday, 19 December 2015

Arthurs Seat, Canada geese and lovely street art

It's very mild at the moment, it certainly doesn't feel like the middle of December. It's very windy though. We walked round Arthur's Seat today.

It's always a beautiful place for a walk.

We were entertained by these Canada geese, who were swimming back and forth on the little loch near the top of Arthur's Seat

Afterwards we walked through town and discovered this lovely piece of street art in Newington


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a lovely setting for a lake!

RG said...

Pretty setting! Lotsa Canadas around here too - of course Canada is only about 60 miles away!

Donna said...

Beautiful views in country and town!

Magyar said...

__Canada geese are habitual to Plymouth and heard quite often, some speak French.
__Juliet, best wishes to you and your family, have a fine Christmas season... and beyond_.

snow dressed pine
stands in this night's moon
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