Saturday 14 May 2011

Night Fishing, Lake Malawi

Jinksy and I have been working on a little collaboration project recently, which has been great fun! I have written a short poem to go with one of her artworks, you can see the artwork and read the poem here. In return Jinksy wrote the following poems in response to my painting of fishing boats on Lake Malawi.

As nightfall approaches,
fishing boat lights
wink across lake water,
while a tired sun,
preparing to sleep,
settles into a pillow of hills.

No rest for the fishermen
who turn night into day,
and entice fish with pseudo suns.


Old hills wait,
ready to close eyes
at day's end.
Darkness falls,
and busy boatmen entice fish
towards mock sun flares.


The land waits.
A pillow of hills
tempt the Sun,
who craves sleep.
Busy boatmen entice fish
by imitation.


You can read my poem After Sunset, Lake Malawi, here.


Martin said...

Lovely words and image. I particularly like "...a tired sun,
preparing to sleep,
settles into a pillow of hills..."

Jinksy said...

Oo! Didn't think you'd post all three! LOL Thank you...I was trying to distil the first idea down to the absolute essence of itself.
Look forward to more playing together!

Draffin Bears said...

I love the beautiful painting night fishing and the poem.
Great work from you both.

Happy weekend

jabblog said...

Another rewarding collaboration - you get triple the value with Jinksy;-)

Marion McCready said...

Nice work, I absolutely love the painting.

Titus said...

Congratulations to both of you! Lovely work.

Francisca said...

What fun and creative collaboration! I like both paintings and poems... "wink across the water"... so right... lovely way to start my Sunday blog session. Thanks!