Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Ice Blink

Ice Blink is a term describing the white glare that appears on the underside of low clouds in sub-zero sea conditions, indicating the presence of ice beyond the range of vision and warning ships to be on guard.
Ice Blink is also an excellent exhibition of Simon Faithfull's photographs, drawings and films from an expedition to Antarctica. The highlight for me was definitely the video of an abandoned whaling station that has been taken over by seals! Ice Blink is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and is on at the Stills Gallery, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh until 14 May 2006. More information at: www.stills.org.


TheArtist said...

Hi, thank you for your comment on my art work . I love your site,ideas and work. In fact I like your site so much so much you now have a link on my blog. Look forward to staying in touch, with best wishes, Winsome (The Artist) PS I was born in Dunedin, the Edinburgh of the South.

Crafty Green Poet said...

HI Winsome, Thanks for visiting and for the link! Glad you like my blog!